We are too big to fail, Everything is disrupted, Yield Curve Ball, Budget, Brexit, more

Australian household debt to income ratio has hit a new record. We the people, are now too big to fail – just like the banks in the GFC. Interest rates can’t be normalised, nor can a recession be tolerated. It’s good for investors, reckons Alan Kohler, but what’s the bad news?

Well, disruption for one thing, and the problems of valuation, as the IPO of Lyft yesterday reminds us. There’s two paths for overvalued digital disruptors, and Alan explores each in view of the likes of Facebook, REA, Seek, and Carsales, and more.

There’s also the latest on the Brexit tragi-farce, discussion of the yield curve and the inversion event of the past week, what my breakfast with Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in the airport lounge revealed ahead of the Budget, my proposal for fixing the retirement income mess, and an update for TCI members on the status of TCI and InvestSMART.

It all awaits you for the last time on The Constant Investor before we migrate to InvestSMART, so don’t miss out.

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