US Wages, Trump, Genius? The Tech Wreck (Not), Home-Grown Megatrends, Open season on banks, Jonathan Pain, and more

Is Trump some kind of genius? Yep, Alan Kohler thinks so. Trump’s certainly not normal anyway, playing soft cop to his own hard cop all the time. Which is why the trade war might turn out OK for investors, despite last night’s new threat from China to impose more tariffs on US imports.

In a bumper issue that includes five megatrends for Australian investors plus an in-depth conversation with Jonathan Pain, Alan reports on last night’s US employment data, discuss the tech-wreck-that-isn’t with a focus on Facebook and the trillion-dollar Apple, and delve into US dollar liquidity, the yield curve, and the current open season on banks. Oh, and did you hear the one about the Russian shipwreck with lots of gold on board? It turned out to be sunken cryptos.

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