Trade War/Real War, A Lasting Boom, School or Beach, Banks, GDP growth, and much more

In the Overview this week Alan Kohler starts by picking up more deeply on the winds of war, both trade, and real. Trump and China feature prominently, along with Kim in Korea, but tension is ratcheting upwards. With the help of Gerard Minack, Alan also looks at how much longer things can keep going before the boom turns, while there’s also topical insight on just how many untrained financial advisors might head to the beach, rather than suffer up to 960 hours of additional education.

Alan is still shocked by the ‘cartel’ accusations of ANZ and negative on the banks, and explain why. The 3.1% GDP figure this week was a solid result, although it’s down to just three Australian governments, and China! Percy Allen from MarketTiming answers a reader question, and there’s an additional essay from Alan’s friend Peter Guy on non-executive directors and board composition.

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