The Sustainability Report Podcast: Yolanda Beattie

On this episode of The Sustainability Report Podcast, we’re talking about diversity in the investment management industry.

Research conducted by Mercer has revealed that in the investment management industry, bias in recruitment and promotion decisions as well as workplace culture block opportunities for “under-represented talent to thrive.” The study found that 76% of investment managers are male, 48% are private school educated (compared to national average of 35%) and 76% of those who completed post-graduates studies completed a Masters of Finance. Further, female investment managers say bias in the recruitment process and career progression is the number one reason for poor diversity while their male counterparts blame parental and care responsibilities for the lack of diversity.

We’re talking to Yolanda Beattie, diversity and inclusion practice leader at Mercer and report author, on what the investment management industry can do to address this problem, and why diversity matters so much.