The Mighty Greenback, Population as policy, Earnings theories, Australia’s Underperformance, LICs, Alfie, and more

The Overview is bursting at the seams this week, a special 101st edition of Alan’s weekly thoughts and insights for TCI members. Yes, we’ve beaten the century! Here’s to 101 more.

This morning Alan starts with Donald Trump’s tweet last night about currency manipulation and how it is potentially the biggest thing to happen all week. The US is blowing up the 70-year-old system of global currencies – and Alan looks into how and why, and what it means for you.

Alan has also produced a detailed look at the Australian Government’s use of population as economic policy, which looks a little bit like a human Ponzi scheme.

With earnings season about to start, Alan looked at how to get only pleasant surprises, not nasty ones, and has also touched on Australia’s underperformance, with a link to performance data on LICs. Oh and if you’re interested, Alan also has a summary of the latest Russian indictments from US Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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