Hello, I’m Stephen Mayne,

You’re probably here looking for the dearly departed maynereport.com.

When I closed the Mayne Report website in January of this year, I made it clear that I still love journalism and if the right gig came along I would be open to it.

And here we are.

The Mayne Report is back, new and improved!

I’ve teamed up with Alan Kohler at The Constant Investor to bring some shareholder advocacy to his independent financial reporting.

Every fortnight I’m writing the Mayne Report with the focus on shareholders rights that is not only what brought us the original Mayne Report, but an important resource for all of us who are investing in companies.

The Mayne Report:

Also, every week I’m interviewing an influential chairman for The Constant Investor. So far I’ve spoken to David Gonski, Belinda Hutchinson from Sydney Uni and my old tennis opponent, Tim Poole of Aurizon, and so many more.

Chairman Interviews:


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Stephen Mayne