The destruction of pricing power, US Jobs, Draghi, That was the Year, and more

Alan Kohler explains US employment is a big negative this morning, with hiring coming to a virtual standstill. On top of some terrible trade data out of China, it’s not a great start to the weekend.

Also: what is RBA Governor Philip Lowe on about? It’s worth a deep dive, this week.

Inflation is about power, not money, and the pricing power of labour and capital is not going to return in a hurry. As Alan explains, it means consumer prices will remain in slow growth, and so will interest rates.

Alan has also touched on the European Central Bank’s policy U-turn weakness as Europe slides towards recession, declare the bull market of 2019 to have done all it will do this year, and remind you why our politicians are jumping while they’re at the top.

Another big edition! Jump into the Weekend Briefing by clicking here.

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