The Budget, Infrastructure, AMP, The (Frustrating) Search for Yield, Iran and Energy Markets, and more

This morning Alan Kohler takes a look at what the Federal Budget means for investors. In preview: not very much – it’s a non-event really, shown by the fact that the Government’s marketing of it is focusing on Bill Shorten! Infrastructure stocks look like the main winners, so Alan lists a few of them.

Alan also discuss how and why to invest in unlisted infrastructure, provide some ideas about who AMP should recruit and discuss whether it’s a “buy” in its (hopefully temporary) misery, plus the growing difficulty of finding good, safe yield, what with the AMP calamity, lacklustre banks and now the impact on Telstra on TPG’s move into mobile, as well as Kaufland’s impending arrival in Australia, which will make life much harder for the supermarkets. Show me the moat! As Warren Buffet might say.

Alan has also looked at the Iran situation and the effect on energy markets and oil, and finally, Members’ generous feedback has told Alan what to do about interviews for TCI.

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