Eight hours sleep and a way with numbers set Olivia Engel up for success

May 26th, 2017 Success Stories - With Catherine Robson

Olivia Engel is recognised by her peers as being at the very top of her profession. We were lucky to catch her before she leaves Australia to take up the role of Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Active Quantitative Equities at State Street Global Advisors. As well as explaining what exactly that means, Olivia introduces us to the culture of State Street, a bank formed in Boston, MA in 1792 and with over $2.4 Trillion in assets under management in 2016.

Watermark’s market neutral fund could withstand another GFC

May 16th, 2017 Fund Managers

To listen to fund manager Justin Braitling explain it, it sounds simple – hedge your position by playing the long game and the short simultaneously. It’s just stock picking, that’s it. Got it?

It’s the strategy and Justin and his team at Watermark Funds Management, which specialises in market neutral funds, are using to take on the alternative investment market (the friendlier name for hedge funds). And it seems to be working – delivering 8%-12% yearly returns.

Here’s an investment that’s unaffected by markets and real estate prices

May 2nd, 2017 Fund Managers

Wingate Investment Partners Trust gives you access to senior secured debt investments for an attractive risk-return ratio. WIP3 as it’s known invests mainly in property debt with a small allocation to consumer debt.

Ryan Levin is Managing Director of Property with Wingate and came to investing as an actuary, so he proud of their risk-first approach – meaning that risk is priced first, before investing.

German nuns are an excellent source of investment advice

April 12th, 2017 Success Stories - With Catherine Robson

Starting out a scientist with Johnson and Johnson, German Bianca Ogden is part of an elite group of female portfolio managers in successful Australian equity funds. Thriving in a male dominated environment, this Fund Manager is part of a small group of decision makers managing the sizeable investment at Platinum Asset Management. She may still find it hard to work the room at networking events but she knows her way around pharmaceutical investments. Bianca recommends beginner investors take their lead from a German nun.

Talking Finance

March 23rd, 2017 Talking Finance

Lithium is becoming Alan’s favourite mineral! It has so much potential – as a resource and an investment. So he’s got a geologist in this week’s episode to give us a bit of a 101.

And he’ll introduce you to a business that pays staff 50% of the profits and no, it’s not The Constant Investor… yet!

And James Brandis provides a wrap from the UK FinTech conference.

The real reason for the bull market, Australian economy, Reporting season, Managed funds

March 4th, 2017 Weekly Overview

It should come as no surprise, but President Trump is taking credit for the market rally. But are his orange fingerprints deservedly on this market success.
Reporting season is over, but which CEO’s are relaxing and which are on the hunt for improved performance. Rachel Alembakis provides a succinct recap of the results.
A seagull walks onto a stage, this could be the beginning of a hilarious joke. But to find out the punchline, you will have to read my overview.

David Wanis

February 15th, 2017 Uncategorized

Alan Kohler: Well, David Wanis, thanks for joining us on The Constant Investor. David Wanis: Thanks, Alan. It’s great to be here. AK: Now, I just want to get some nuts and bolts of the fund out of the way. Obviously the aim of the fund is five percent before fees, five percent above inflation … Continue reading “David Wanis”

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