Get ready to buy, retail’s bad week & Bitcoin explained (sort of)

May 27th, 2017 Weekly Overview

European banks are about to start doing the opposite of quantitative easing, so hopefully the markets will do the opposite of what they do during QE and start selling off, providing buying opportunities for the rest of us.

Also this week, Bitcoins explained (sort of). Are they the modern equivalent of the mythical tulip market? And it’s been a bad week for retail, which only looks like getting worse.

Bank disruption, merger mayhem and the craziness of negative gearing

May 25th, 2017 Talking Finance

It’s a troublesome time for banks. And it’s not just because of the proposed bank levy. Banks are ripe for disruption and the disrupters are coming.

Neo-banks are popular in the UK and the US. Eric Wilson is at the helm of Xinja, a neo-bank that allows users the security and top-notch customer of the real deal but everything is within an app.

Alex Pollak has an update on the Revised Payments Service Directive in the UK and Europe.

More disruption on the way for banks

May 25th, 2017 Full Interviews

Loftus Peak fund manager Alex Pollak recently told us about the Revised Payments Service Directive in the UK and Europe. From next year banks will be forced to share their platforms with non-bank competitors like ApplePay or Google.

In this interview Alex provides more detail on how RSPD works and and whether it might soon find its way to Australia.

Looking for a low-cost bank – there’s an app for that

May 24th, 2017 Full Interviews

Xinja is an entirely digital bank that you access by downloading an app on your phone with no bricks and mortar or legacy IT system expenses. It’s a model that’s growing in popularity and Xinja just waiting for a license to make it available in Australia.

Fairfax, Warren Bezos?, Trump’s troubles, Europe’s comeback & the banks’ levee

May 20th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Fairfax is about to change hands for the 3rd time in 30 years, but the winning bidder is yet to be decided. Could Jeff Bezos be the new Warren Buffett? Trump’s troubles could be blessings for investors. Europe’s on the comeback as political risk fades and the bank levy could be offset by renegotiated deals with mortgage brokers.

RBA May Meeting, and will winter 2017 bring the peak in gas and electricity prices?

May 17th, 2017 Research Watch

Digesting the RBA May meeting minutes means making a meal of the RBA’s evolving view of part-time employment by choice versus underemployment. Meanwhile, to quote Game of Thrones, winter is coming, and Credit Suisse downgrades both AGL and Origin on analysis that the peak in gas and electricity prices is also coming this winter. Also, the news is good for Newcrest’s Cadia mine, with earthquake damage not as severe as it could have been.

Is the budget good or bad for investors, on balance?

May 16th, 2017 FUNDamentals

Not bad, quite bad and mixed. One thing our 5 fund managers do agree on is that the budget isn’t good for investors. Also this week a report from the 2017 Bennelong Investment Forum, China’s growth, Amazon in Australia and house prices.

More tax, more spending, but budget isn’t same for everyone

May 11th, 2017 Talking Finance

It’s our inaugural budget breakdown panel. We are two days on from the Federal Budget announcements and we’ve put together a crack team to analyse what the 2017-2018 budget means for Australia.

Annette Beacher, David Plank and Louis Christopher dissect the budget with a focus on housing, infrastructure and its impact on the markets.

Taxing banks? Remember what happened to Kevin Rudd when he taxed the miners

May 10th, 2017 Full Interviews

Matt Felsman of APP Securities suggests Turnbull should watch his back as the question over who’s going to bear the costs of the bank levy is decided.

Budget 2017, National Australia Bank, and global housing regulations

May 10th, 2017 Research Watch

Budget 2017 is here, and initial conclusions from the analysts is that it didn’t hold too many surprises. The big change will be the 0.6% levy on banks with more than $100 billion in deposits, while analysts flagged the new spending on infrastructure as well. We will bring you more coverage of brokers’ Budget conclusions in Alan’s Overview this Saturday.

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