Summing up The Correction, Telstra, CSL, Beats and Misses, Barnaby, our app is coming, and more

This morning Alan Kohler reports on the calming of the stockmarket after the 96th correction since 1923, and the two ways liquidity played its role.

Alan has also investigated the earnings beats and misses of the reporting season thus far, starting with Telstra and CSL, and briefly examined the Barnaby Joyce quagmire for the government. I’ve also taken a deep dive into a question from a member: is the Singularity upon us, and what world we are making for our grandchildren?

And finally, good news! Our smartphone apps are with Apple and Google for review and should be coming out within a week. And don’t forget the first Tiger’s Lair this Monday, and The Constant Investor LIVE event too – we’d love to meet you there.

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