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Talking Finance

Alan Kohler discusses the key financial issues of the week with business leaders, analysts and economists.

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The Spotlight

In this weekly long-form interview Alan Kohler explores the macro issues that influence our investments.

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The Money Cafe

Alan Kohler meets The Australian’s James Kirby every week for coffee and a lighthearted chat about all things financial, amongst other things…

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Success Stories

Financial planner Catherine Robson speaks to successful women to learn their secrets for getting the best out of life.

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Our Interviews

CEO Interviews

Every week Alan Kohler speaks with a CEO from an exciting company to give you a better understanding of the people who run the business.

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Fund Managers

James Brandis speaks to a different fund manager each week about their background and their approach to investing.

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The Curious Investor

Every week James Brandis and Buffy Gorrilla speak with a member of the The Constant Investor to find out how and where they are investing.

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