Is APRA short staffed? How advisers react to lower rates.

This week on The Money Cafe, Alan Kohler and special guest Dr Doug Turek, Managing Director and Principal Adviser of Professional Wealth discuss the following topics:

  • Graeme Samuel’s review into APRA.
  • Has the RBA dropped rates unnecessarily?
  • Rental yields and negative gearing.
  • Should you hold your age in bonds?
  • Do large PE ratios make a stock prohibitive?
  • Why are there no residential REITS?
  • Vanguard selling to short-sellers.
  • Woolworths and the social justice warriors.
  • Is AMP a target of private equity?
  • Changes to the financial planning industry.
  • Competitors to Afterpay.
  • The medicinal cannabis industry.
  • A check of Blue Sky.