Happy Anniversary, The Cycle, Trump, Oz, Banks, Retailageddon, Plastic, and much more

Happy Anniversary! Apart from Tom Petty’s birthday, it’s 31 years since the “Black Monday” crash of 1987, but it was a quiet one on Wall Street last night apart from some reminiscing by folks like Alan Kohler.

This morning’s Overview focuses on whether we’re late cycle or not, since 90% of fund managers reckon we are – more than before the 2007 crash. What is late-cycle? And what cycle is it?

And what about us here in royally-visited Oz, where interest rates aren’t moving, and there isn’t much of a cycle?

For Aln Kohler, it’s all about the banks, Telstra, and retail which are all examined in detail: I’m not a grizzly bear on the banks anymore – Alan has switched his pessimism to retail.

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