Get out and vote, super funds! Is CSL cheap? Why the US midterms mean zilch for us.

This week in The Money Cafe, James Kirby and I discuss the following:

  • What did the market like about the US midterms?
  • Some expensive stocks enter bargain territory.
  • Would you invest your super with Kogan?
  • Housing keeps falling, time to try and pick the floor. Further downward pressure could come from a Labor election win.
  • Could the RBA be forced to cut amidst a cycle of hikes?
  • Why Australian Super should vote in bank AGMs.
  • NAB breaks open the piggy bank to pay its dividends.
  • Merlon Capital gets colourful in its correspondence with AMP.
  • Is CPI irrelevant in 2018?
  • All about franking credits.