Fed going dotty, ECB like warm porridge, DPRK, Trade harrumphing, Australian jobs, Healthcare, and more…

In the Overview this week Alan Kohler starts with this morning’s news on China and the US now taking trade pot-shots at each other, with Trump announcing his foreshadowed tariffs and China saying it’ll retaliate. Alan takes a look at that, of course, but today’s Overview starts with the big divergence between the market and the US Federal Reserve, since the market is not pricing in the Fed’s expected rate hikes. Somebody’s in for a shock. The other big central bank, the ECB, put out a hawkish statement that the market might have misread as well.

Alan covers the charade in Singapore with Trump and Kim which is still more noise than substance to me, and markets haven’t reacted strongly. Meanwhile, at home, there were no signs this week that the domestic private economy has picked up – wage growth and underemployment remain problematic.

Gerard Minack gives us some more insight into value vs growth investing, and finally, following the interview Alan did with NIB this week, a TCI member and anaesthetist has some detailed and valuable insight into healthcare and private rebates. We got a response from NIB on the issue as well.

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