Don’t Fear The 3%, US Economy, Bank Blues, Kim Goes South, Currency War Mark II, Getting Younger, and more

The US 10-year bond yield finally stuck its head above 3% this week, but didn’t like what it saw and quickly pulled it back again. But that supposedly magic level was finally breached, and today Alan Kohler explains why you shouldn’t worry.

Alan has also taken a look at UBS slapping a ‘sell’ on Westpac, and the startling problems revealed for all the big four banks.

And what about those pictures of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in having a big ol’ hug? Probably removes some of the risk of a war on the Korean Peninsular, wouldn’t you say? Alan has a few thoughts about what’s going on there, and what it means for investors, and also what’s going between the US and China (not a trade war, but a currency war).

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