Everyone is talking about bitcoin and given its meteoric rise in value, it’s no wonder.

But what is it and how does it work?

And more importantly which way is the roller coaster going next?

Every week we have 3 articles that aim to answer these questions about bitcoin and the ever increasing number of alt-coins. We’re not suggesting it’s something to invest in, but we’re providing you with information that can help you make an informed decision, or just hold up your end of a cryptocurrency argument!

If you’ve taken the plunge and invested in bitcoin, or you’re just watching from the sidelines in wonder, The Constant Investor is your guide to the swings and roundabouts of cryptocurrency.

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The Crypto Current Podcast

In The Crypto Current, Alan Kohler talks to the big players in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Bitcoin is already being used for major transfers of capital internationally, despite being a volatile storage of value. Meanwhile, Blockchain underpins bitcoin, but it’s uses go far beyond alternative currencies. The Crypto Current gives you the opportunity to hear from the pioneers in the crypto world.

Crypto 101

What even is bitcoin?! It’s a question that’s hard to answer and usually raises more questions when you try. Every week Greg Dimopoulos does the bottom up research for your bitcoin education. From defining bitcoin mining and explaining where to start with investing, to monitoring your investment through the rollercoaster of bitcoin valuations.

Crypto Watch

Saeed Sidaoui is a Blockchain enthusiast who entered the cryptosphere in 2013. Every week he summarises the cryptocurrency market, reviews bitcoin and alt-coin movements, and highlights a feature of the cryptosphere to keep an eye on. While the mainstream media focuses on the price of bitcoin, Crypto Watch gives you the full cryptocurrency picture.