The Coming Trade War, US Economy is Flying, Ponzi China, People’s Republic of Australia, Lithium, and more

This morning’s jobs data in the US confirms that the US economy is flying – new jobs in February beat expectations by more than 50% – which makes the coming trade war look even more of a joke. But with globalist Gary Cohn’s resignation from the White House, it looks like Trump’s trade warriors are now ascendant and we’re in for some protectionism, no matter what the data says.

Alan also reports on China and the fact that its banking system is 40% of global GDP. Gulp. Australia’s economy, we learned this week, is chugging along in second gear, but even our sub-par growth depends on China.

And finally Alan’s included a deep dive into the lithium market: a bearish Morgan Stanley report predicting a 45% price fall, with counter-arguments from the more bullish types at The Lithium Spot.

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