Christmas in February, Donald and Xi, Europe, Hydro, Water, and more

It was Christmas in February for investors, a belter of a month, especially those in the local banks, but globally as well. Who would have thunk it? And that’s despite a weakening macro picture and an ordinary earnings season. So what’s going on, and what does it mean for the rest of 2019? Alan Kohler explores in some detail.

Although Valentine’s Day is behind us, Alan explains that there’s every sign that Donald Trump is sending Xi Jingping flowers and that a US-China trade deal will be on. But that might mean pressure switches to Europe, which is both managing uncertainty, and looking like Trump’s next target.

Alan has also looked at two water issues: pumped hydro (and a pumped Prime Minister), and the seemingly inevitable Murray-Darling Royal Commission, and what these developments mean for investors.

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