April 24th, 2017 Top Stocks

FlexiGroup provides a range of finance products and payment solutions to consumers and businesses through a network of retail and business partners. This includes interest free cards and no interest ever payment plans and consumer and business leasing solutions. 24 April 2017 James Brandis spoke to Charles Leyland to update his Top Stocks. You said FlexiGroup … Continue reading “FlexiGroup”

APN replaces Fairfax Media

April 24th, 2017 Top Stocks

APN News & Media has a diverse portfolio of vibrant media assets in Australia and NZ.  24 April 2017 James Brandis spoke to Charles Leyland to update his Top Stocks. Fairfax (ASX: FXJ) have continued rising in value since you spoke to Alan in November. What’s happening there? Are you holding on? Fairfax has been … Continue reading “APN replaces Fairfax Media”

Challenger replaces QBE

April 24th, 2017 Top Stocks

Challenger Limited is an ASX-listed investment management firm managing $64.7 billion in assets (as at 31 December 2016). 25 April 2017 James Brandis spoke to Charles Leyland to update his Top Stocks. Let’s start with QBE, (ASX: QBE). It’s done pretty well since you spoke to Alan in late November. Are you going to hang … Continue reading “Challenger replaces QBE”


April 3rd, 2017 Top Stocks

Smartgroup is one of Australia’s leading providers of employee benefits and workforce optimisation services for the government, health and corporate sectors. 29 March 2017 Alan Kohler:  When we spoke last year in November I think you picked the short term bottom of Smart Group. It has gone up a bit since then. Ben Rundle: It has … Continue reading “Smartgroup”

MNF Group

April 3rd, 2017 Top Stocks

The MNF Group operates multiple integrated brands, providing new generation voice services for homes, offices, enterprise, government and the telco industry. 29 March 2017 Alan Kohler: So how is MNF? Ben Rundle: Probably the key thing that has happened with MNF since we spoke, they announced an acquisition in February, I think that was. A business called … Continue reading “MNF Group”

Armidale Investment Corporation

April 3rd, 2017 Top Stocks

AIK is an absolute return focused investor 29 March 2017 Alan Kohler: Armidale Investment Corporation is a company that I had never heard of before this and there seems to be a pretty weird little business really, they seem to be changing quite quickly too. Ben Rundle: Yeah, not a very easy business to understand, particularly with … Continue reading “Armidale Investment Corporation”

Gale Pacific Limited

March 27th, 2017 Top Stocks

GALE Pacific Limited (GALE) is a trusted leading global marketer and manufacturer of branded screening and shading products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 27 March 2017 Alan Kohler: Gail Pacific, the shade business. Tell us about how they’ve been going. Mitch Taylor: So the first half is traditionally dominated by the Australian business, and it was actually … Continue reading “Gale Pacific Limited”

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Limited

March 27th, 2017 Top Stocks

Australia’s only listed timber company – it manages a wholly-owned portfolio of hardwood and softwood forestry plantations on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. 27 March 2017 Alan Kohler: Kangaroo Plantation Timbers – the only thing I note here is that they’ve got some funding for a new wharf. Is that right? Mitch Taylor: That’s right, so since … Continue reading “Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers Limited”

Bell Financial Group Limited

March 27th, 2017 Top Stocks

Bell Financial Group Ltd is one of Australia’s leading full service stock broking and financial advisory firms with a strong track record of providing high quality, professional advice to private, institutional and corporate investors. 27 March 2017 Alan Kohler: Bell Financial Group, Mitch… it hasn’t been instant gratification there, in fact they put out their full … Continue reading “Bell Financial Group Limited”

CBL Insurance

March 20th, 2017 Top Stocks

CBL Insurance Limited is the largest and oldest provider of credit surety and financial risk in New Zealand. 20 March 2017 Alan Kohler: So I note that CBL was going fine until the results came out in February and then bang, down they went. What happened? Andrew Hokin: I guess just as a really quick … Continue reading “CBL Insurance”

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