Bank disruption, merger mayhem and the craziness of negative gearing

May 25th, 2017 Talking Finance

It’s a troublesome time for banks. And it’s not just because of the proposed bank levy. Banks are ripe for disruption and the disrupters are coming.

Neo-banks are popular in the UK and the US. Eric Wilson is at the helm of Xinja, a neo-bank that allows users the security and top-notch customer of the real deal but everything is within an app.

Alex Pollak has an update on the Revised Payments Service Directive in the UK and Europe.

An appreciation of depreciation: budget 2017’s biggest surprise

May 18th, 2017 Talking Finance

In last week’s budget panel Louis Christopher of SQM Research introduced us to a budget curveball that may limit the depreciation claims investors can make on their properties. Louis is back with more details and fields the burning question: Are we headed for a property crash?

More tax, more spending, but budget isn’t same for everyone

May 11th, 2017 Talking Finance

It’s our inaugural budget breakdown panel. We are two days on from the Federal Budget announcements and we’ve put together a crack team to analyse what the 2017-2018 budget means for Australia.

Annette Beacher, David Plank and Louis Christopher dissect the budget with a focus on housing, infrastructure and its impact on the markets.

Budget preview, ANZ says bài bài la to Asia and RBA’s game of chicken

May 4th, 2017 Talking Finance

ANZ is pulling out of Asia – not completely – CEO Shayne Elliott says that it’s part of their growth story and they’re focussing on a set of core strengths.

The Reserve Bank kept rates on hold this week because they still have concerns about housing and household debt. Gareth Aird deciphers what this means for investors and potential home buyers.

Amazon, Fixed gold price and CPI causes debt worries

April 27th, 2017 Talking Finance

Amazon is coming and Australian retailers need to prepare themselves. Morgan Stanley says online sellers and shopping mall could feel the strain in the coming years, but Ruslan Kogan is enthusiastic about their arrival.

Meanwhile RBC Capital Markets forecasts less up and down in gold prices with a fixed price long term view. And Annette Beacher from TD Securities has some worries about debt levels following this week’s CPI data.

North Korea and China: the changing region and its impact on investments

April 20th, 2017 Talking Finance

Talking Finance heads north to Korea and China.

We cannot escape ‘duck and cover’ news from North Korea. The geopolitical control in the region seems to shift on an almost daily basis. Peter Hayes has been to Korea 7 times and explains how investors can interpret the shifting sands.

Duncan Calder is a former head of the Australia China Business Council and now runs Contour Capital. He weighs up the risk of the US starting a trade war with China.

Medical marijuana is gaining acceptance and here’s 4 pot companies you can invest in

April 13th, 2017 Talking Finance

In February 2017, Australia legalised the importing of cannabis for medicinal applications. People who suffer from chronic pain, epilepsy, and even some cancers may soon have access to what some say is a miracle worker. Investors already have access to some listed companies producing the goods.

While APRA tries to cool the real estate market, Tasmanian houses start selling like hotcakes

April 6th, 2017 Talking Finance

The property market in Hobart has lain dormant while the rest of the country experienced increasing sale prices. Now, properties in the Tasmanian capital are selling like hotcakes, while still being some of the most affordable in the country. Paul Farrelly from Nest Realty in Hobart has on-the-ground experience and some good advice for investors.

Meanwhile, Michael Corcoran from the Urban Development Institute says there’s more to the property boom than just increased lending – it’s about lack of supply and taxes too.

The impact of Cyclone Debby is still being tallied and bananas are safe, but tomatoes and capsicums could be in short supply. Felicity Emmett from ANZ Research forecasts how the Australian economy could fare once the flood waters settle.

And Sally Auld from JP Morgan summarises this week’s macro prudential announcements and puts them in context with the RBA meeting.

Talking Finance

March 30th, 2017 Talking Finance

Super is the hot topic this week and a new report from the Productivity Commission delves into how it can be fixed. Alan spoke to the Commission’s Deputy Chair Karen Chester and he also caught up with Leeanne Turner from the Medium Sized Superfund of the year MTAA.

Plus, Alan has an update on the upcoming European elections and he can officially reveal that nicer companies are happier companies. 

Talking Finance

March 23rd, 2017 Talking Finance

Lithium is becoming Alan’s favourite mineral! It has so much potential – as a resource and an investment. So he’s got a geologist in this week’s episode to give us a bit of a 101.

And he’ll introduce you to a business that pays staff 50% of the profits and no, it’s not The Constant Investor… yet!

And James Brandis provides a wrap from the UK FinTech conference.

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