December 22nd, 2016 Venture Capital

Venture Capital: Not Just About Early Stage Partnerships This project has been solely focussed up until this point about unlisted vehicles and when it’s come down to real estate, infrastructure, bond funds and peer to peer lending we’ve managed to cover a wide array of options with varying degrees of risk, return and different structures … Continue reading “Bailador”

Blue Sky Venture Capital Fund

December 16th, 2016 Stock TipsUnlistedVenture Capital

This week, I spoke to Elaine Stead, head of venture capital at Blue Sky. Blue Sky started in the private equity/venture capital field back in 2006 with an investment in the start-up Beach Burrito. Blue Sky’s venture capital team hasn’t had a departure from the company in nine years. I asked Elaine about that and … Continue reading “Blue Sky Venture Capital Fund”

Ellerston Ventures Partnership

December 9th, 2016 UnlistedVenture Capital

Ellerston Capital has developed the Ellerston Ventures Partnership as a recent addition to the ventures funding market in Australia. The fund was set up in 2015 and came to market in 2016. Unlike a lot of the investments we profiled in Unlisted Gems, it’s not a unit trust. It’s an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited … Continue reading “Ellerston Ventures Partnership”

4D Global Infrastructure Fund

November 18th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The 4D Global Infrastructure Fund is a vehicle for investing in international listed infrastructure. It was started earlier this year, so unlike the Australian Unity Healthcare Fund which has been running for over a decade, this one is brand new. The fund has a global asset base with 38% allocated to Europe, 24% to North … Continue reading “4D Global Infrastructure Fund”

Healthcare Property Trust

November 18th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The Australian Unity Healthcare Property Trust is a little different to many of the other REITs we have profiled over the last few weeks. Structured like a regular REIT, this trust is sectorally focused in healthcare. Currently, it’s closed to new applications, so this is one to keep on your radar as a future opportunity. … Continue reading “Healthcare Property Trust”

Charter Hall Direct Office Fund

November 11th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The Charter Hall Direct Office Fund is another unit trust established as a REIT. Charter Hall are a well-known ASX-listed company that manages a number of trusts and funds. The company has a $17 billion portfolio under management. Currently the Direct Office Fund’s valuation is around $840 million and the responsible entity (managers of the … Continue reading “Charter Hall Direct Office Fund”

Rare Infrastructure Value Fund

November 11th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

Unhedged: APIR TGP0034AU The Rare Infrastructure Value Fund is a unit trust created to invest in global listed infrastructure securities. The fund’s objective is to provide regular and stable income as well as capital growth, with a focus on minimizing the volatility of those returns. It currently holds $971.6 million under management in a total … Continue reading “Rare Infrastructure Value Fund”

Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund ARSN 106 724 038

November 5th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund is an unlisted property fund. It is focused on properties owned across Australia in the retail, office and industrial sectors. The fund had total assets of $297.67 million at 30th June 2016. The weighted average lease expiry (WALE) is 3.82 years. The company owns 13 properties with an occupancy … Continue reading “Australian Unity Diversified Property Fund ARSN 106 724 038”

UBS Property and Securities Fund

November 5th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The UBS Property and Securities Fund is a registered management investment scheme, structured as a unit trust like many of the other funds we’ve profiled. UBS Global Asset Management has $900 billion under management, located in 24 countries. In Australia, they have around $43 billion under management. The property and securities fund is a relatively … Continue reading “UBS Property and Securities Fund”

Blue Sky Student Accommodation Fund 6

October 28th, 2016 Income + GrowthUnlisted

The Blue Sky Student Accommodation Fund Number 6 is the latest in a string of purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) developments put forward by Blue Sky. As the name would suggest, Blue Sky has other PBSA developments built or under construction. These include facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. This particular fund supports the building … Continue reading “Blue Sky Student Accommodation Fund 6”

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