Get ready to buy, retail’s bad week & Bitcoin explained (sort of)

May 27th, 2017 Weekly Overview

European banks are about to start doing the opposite of quantitative easing, so hopefully the markets will do the opposite of what they do during QE and start selling off, providing buying opportunities for the rest of us.

Also this week, Bitcoins explained (sort of). Are they the modern equivalent of the mythical tulip market? And it’s been a bad week for retail, which only looks like getting worse.

Fairfax, Warren Bezos?, Trump’s troubles, Europe’s comeback & the banks’ levee

May 20th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Fairfax is about to change hands for the 3rd time in 30 years, but the winning bidder is yet to be decided. Could Jeff Bezos be the new Warren Buffett? Trump’s troubles could be blessings for investors. Europe’s on the comeback as political risk fades and the bank levy could be offset by renegotiated deals with mortgage brokers.

Budget economics, super housing, bank tax, Comey, Macron & volatility

May 13th, 2017 Weekly Overview

After a week of Budget brekkies Alan Kohler serves up his observations on the nation’s financial plan in his Overview. The plan to allow superannuation to be used for house deposits has captured the spotlight, but there’s been a significant change to negative gearing which has had less focus. Meanwhile, the banks should be okay with the bank tax, but we all know who’s really going to pay. And FBI chief Comey’s departure is an indicator that the US administration is scrambling for control.

US jobs, Financialised commodities, La belle France?, Growth Haven, the Budget

May 6th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Investing in Australia is not delivering great returns in the past year, or the past 10 years. Alan explains why and looks at what options we have if we don’t invest in Oz.

Treasurer Scott Morrison elaborates on the division of good and bad debt. And Alan reflects on a milestone birthday.

Alan Kohler’s Overview

April 29th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Investing in Australia is not delivering great returns in the past year, or the past 10 years. Alan explains why and looks at what options we have if we don’t invest in Oz.

Treasurer Scott Morrison elaborates on the division of good and bad debt. And Alan reflects on a milestone birthday.

The 4th industrial revolution, Trump, Iron ore, US dollar

April 22nd, 2017 Weekly Overview

I’ve had an epiphany! I was going to call it my eureka moment, but I’ve already done that. 

My epiphany relates to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – it’s not about technology or automation, it’s about the dominance of customers. So the winner will always be the best product as you’ll discover in my Overview today.

I’ve also included a fascinating interview with professor of international economics Richard Baldwin. He’s got some great insights into future uses of technology like virtual and augmented reality and he reckons we’re about to have our own steam revolution in Australia. 

There’s a salutary tale about downsizing the family home that nobody over the age of 60 can afford to miss. I’ll explain the nuances of RBA board meeting minutes, look at the rapid drop in Iron Ore and give you Greenspan’s nonagenarian view on Trump’s US dollar.

House prices, Amazon, Video gaming, Telstra

April 15th, 2017 Weekly Overview

I’m taking the weekend off, but I’ve still put together a small Overview, because I promised you I’d be constant.

If you heard The Money Cafe yesterday you’ll have a bit of insight into my thoughts on Telstra which I’ve outlined further in my Overview. You can also read more about the fascinating world of watching video games! I’m still agog.

And I’ve got a great collection of Research and Diversions to keep you entertained throughout the weekend.

US economy, Australian real estate, shares versus property, some stock ideas, Praemium, a letter from myself

April 8th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Well, housing has definitely been the topic of the week!

Can Wayne Byers just wave his wand, say APRA-cadabra and prevent a housing bubble and pop? I’m examining the unreal real estate risks today in an Overview that no property investor can afford to miss.

Or equity investor for that matter. James Kirby and I debated whether the stockmarket is a better investment than property in The Money Cafe. Today I’ll give you the data and charts to prove that settle the argument.

Plus I’ve got several new stock picks for you, in addition to our usual Top Stocks.

The situation at Praemium is something out of a soap opera with the sacked CEO now trying to overturn the board! I’ll share the Chairman’s letter with you which is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen in 47 years following the markets.

And speaking of year, my 65th birthday is just weeks away, so I’m going to reveal my secret of staying young!

US economy, rising interest rates, APRA, Ashok Jacob, shorting, my mum’s megabits

April 1st, 2017 Weekly Overview

With the Trump administration imploding, the President can no longer take credit for a bump in the US economy. This clears the way for Janet Yellen and Fed to do their thing. What will the US rate hikes mean for investors? 

APRA’s making headlines this morning, but did they actually make an impactful change?

I’m also looking at shorting stocks which can be a tricky business, as we saw this week with Quintis and Myer.

And is Australia’s Superannuation system something to envy compared to other countries’ systems? 

Charting, inflation, TFS, Telstra, Housing, France, Downer, Fintech

March 25th, 2017 Weekly Overview

A chance meeting in South Melbourne helped inspire my Overview.

The Dow and the world seem to be in a “Trump Slump” – where are the markets heading from here? I examine how inflation has evolved since I was a cub reporter in the NT.

What do the RBA meeting minutes mean for the Australian housing market’s future?

And hedge funds could face an uncertain future and the results of round one of l’election francaise are in and Le Pen might just be on the out – but I don’t want to jinx it!

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