ATO Scandal, Fairfax Takeover, Trump’s volatility & Jeff Bezos = Genius!

Somebody’s had their hands in the till at the ATO or both arms in fact! Jame Kirby and Alan Kohler can’t help but marvel at the level of this scandal as they sit down at The Money Cafe today.

Then there’s Trump. Alan’s been watching the Vix index of volatility which has lurched into action following this week’s events which have raised the prospect of impeachment.

The bank levy isn’t popular, but James suggests it could be the first and fastest part of the budget to get through the Senate.

In a week of almost too much news, there’s a new bidder for Fairfax. Alan and James speculate whether TPG might be gazumped by Helman and Friedman.

And in breaking news – Warren Buffet is a genius! And so is Jeff Bezos.

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