3 Top Stocks Every Week!

60 local and international stocks from Australia’s best Stock Pickers.



We asked 20 of Australia’s Top Stock-pickers to tell us 3 stocks they really like and we go back to them every 3 months for an update.

That gives you 60 stocks with up to a year’s worth of background information to help you make an informed decision about your next investment.

Our stock pickers are personally selected by Alan Kohler and all voluntarily participate to bring you a smorgasbord of choice from local and international stocks across major themes.

Our Top Stock Pickers:

Ashok Jacobs Dean Fergie Jacob Mitchell Richard Hemming Headshot Barry Dawes headshot Ben Rundle Richard Campbell Headshot

Alan Kohler is well known to investors, not only for his nightly appearance on the national news, or his weekly articles in the national paper, but for his unique ability to bring a sharp focus to the issues that matter

Top Stocks is just one of the things we do at The Constant Investor every week to give investors the background and skills to make informed decisions about their investments.

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  • Every weekday: Alan Kohler interviews a CEO from an investable company outside the ASX200 to give you ideas to put those skills to use.
  • On Saturday: Alan Kohler’s Weekly Overview puts the events of the week into context, bringing a sharp focus to the issues that matter.
  • On Sundays: our MarketTiming service provides signals to help you ride rallies and buck busts.
  • Every week one of Australia’s Top Stock pickers tells us their 3 best companies, with some background on why they like them and then we review them every three months.
  • And Stephen Mayne also interviews the Chairman of an ASX100 company every week to put some delicate questions to them and find out the background behind their actions.

Publishing daily, The Constant Investor is packed with tips, ideas, background research and useful guides. Most importantly, it’s always entertaining, whether you choose to read or listen.


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