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April 8th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Well, housing has definitely been the topic of the week!

Can Wayne Byers just wave his wand, say APRA-cadabra and prevent a housing bubble and pop? I’m examining the unreal real estate risks today in an Overview that no property investor can afford to miss.

Or equity investor for that matter. James Kirby and I debated whether the stockmarket is a better investment than property in The Money Cafe. Today I’ll give you the data and charts to prove that settle the argument.

Plus I’ve got several new stock picks for you, in addition to our usual Top Stocks.

The situation at Praemium is something out of a soap opera with the sacked CEO now trying to overturn the board! I’ll share the Chairman’s letter with you which is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen in 47 years following the markets.

And speaking of year, my 65th birthday is just weeks away, so I’m going to reveal my secret of staying young!

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