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March 25th, 2017 Weekly Overview

A chance meeting in South Melbourne helped inspire my Overview.

The Dow and the world seem to be in a “Trump Slump” – where are the markets heading from here? I examine how inflation has evolved since I was a cub reporter in the NT.

What do the RBA meeting minutes mean for the Australian housing market’s future?

And hedge funds could face an uncertain future and the results of round one of l’election francaise are in and Le Pen might just be on the out – but I don’t want to jinx it!

Yellen Vs Trump, China, Disruption, Inflation

March 18th, 2017 Weekly Overview

It’s Trump v. Yellen in my Overview today. It could be a bumpy idealogical ride for these two – one wants to speed up the US economy, while the other wants to cool it down.

I’ll take you to China to look at how their economy is faring. The Dutch election results are in and I think Europe is breathing a sigh of relief. And things are looking good in Korea after the impeachment of their president.

Plus, I’m getting more excited about the energy sector and I’ve got a warning about investments in retail and banks.

50 days of Trump, 451 days of Turnbull, 5 days to the Dutch election, Lithium

March 11th, 2017 Weekly Overview

Have you seen the jobs data from the US? The American economy looks strong but can the US expect a rate hike?

I’ve become fascinated by lithium: the market, the production and possible investments – so many car companies are investing in electric vehicles. I’ve got a full lithium list of who’s doing what for you.

Plus, an update on Trump and Turnbull. And as promised in the Facebook live stream this week, my speech on climate change and my interview with Hamish Douglass after the Magellan Dinner.

The real reason for the bull market, Australian economy, Reporting season, Managed funds

March 4th, 2017 Weekly Overview

It should come as no surprise, but President Trump is taking credit for the market rally. But are his orange fingerprints deservedly on this market success.
Reporting season is over, but which CEO’s are relaxing and which are on the hunt for improved performance. Rachel Alembakis provides a succinct recap of the results.
A seagull walks onto a stage, this could be the beginning of a hilarious joke. But to find out the punchline, you will have to read my overview.

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