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Former TEN chair David Gordon breaks his silence with first interview on The Constant Investor

When a company goes broke, the chair rarely talks but David Gordon has broken his silence by participating in The Constant Investor chairman interview series where he welcomed the CBS acquisition of TEN as a “fantastic outcome” and revealed what it was like being threatened with personal liability by Bruce Gordon and Lachlan Murdoch. Stephen Mayne spoke to David for this week's chairman interview.

Domain Holdings makes its market debut

Domain Holdings is a major online property platform that listed on the ASX (DHG) yesterday. Fairfax Media Limited still owns 60% of the company, while the other 40% is now listed on the ASX. Alan Kohler spoke to their CEO Antony Catalano to find out how their business model operates.

Broker Research

  • Whither Fairfax, now that Domain has listed? Analysts consider this and more in Broker Research
    This week, analysts look at what the listing of Domain Holdings does for Fairfax Media, Macquarie Atlas votes to leave Macquarie as its external manager and further analysis of WorleyParsons. Plus wage and labour analysis, and the November RBA minutes suggest that nobody thinks wage growth is suddenly going to take off. Companies mentioned this week: ABP*AWE*BRN*DHG*DLX*FXJ*HSO*IPL*MGP*MQA*NAN*ORE*ORG*TME*WOR*

Fund Research

  • What’s the best way to generate income? (Part 1)
    In this week's Funds Research, our fundies give us their tips for generating income. Such was their enthusiasm, we've had to divide the responses between this week and next! So stay tuned for Part 2. Also included are the usual commentary overviews, this week on topics ranging from fund fees to emerging markets.

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Question of the week

Q: What’s your view on taking value from investments? If I invest like Buffet, should I own the company until I stop thinking it’s a good company?

A: It depends.  The question is – do you want the money to do something else with?  Is there a better investment, and in order to invest in that better investment, you need to sell some of or all of the other investment?  If there is another investment you expect to go up, then by all means do the switch, remembering that there’s a transaction cost. But if you like a company, stay with it.  If something doubles in value, sure, you can sell, but you’re missing out, potentially, in it going up ten times in value.


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