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The Home of Lithium

Keith Phillips is the CEO of a business called Piedmont Lithium. It’s actually an America lithium deposit in North Carolina, and happens to be listed on the ASX for historical reasons. Alan Kohler spoke to Keith to find out more about the business.

AGL and Liddell, Blue Sky and short sellers, Seven’s cricket share trading, directors with baggage, Chinese placements, Kathmandu raising and where are the SPPs?

In today's edition of The Mayne Report, Stephen Mayne examines AGL's windfall power profits, Blue Sky and the short sellers, Chinese share placements at Alumina, Fortescue and now Star Entertainment, the Kathmandu share purchase plan, trading in Seven West Media shares around the crickets rights announcement, the baggage of some directors seeking re-election and more poor treatment of retail shareholders in capital raisings.

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  • Are Australian banks a good investment in 2018?
    In this week's Funds Research, we ask our experts whether banks are a good investment in 2018. There's also the usual commentary overviews, this week on topics ranging from sustainable investing to Greece's economic recovery. Become a TCI Community Member Now Stay up to date and make better informed decisions. Get access to all this exclusive content and so much more every week! $1 for the first month $25/month membership …

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Question of the week

Q: Would you explain the difference between the pre and after tax NTA quoted by managed funds and REITS – for some the NTA is lower after tax, for others it is higher. Fees are calculated pre tax NTA I believe.

A: The after tax NTA is a theoretical number and assumes all of the assets of the fund or the REIT are sold and the tax obligations are crystallised. So obviously, in some case, there’s an out-coming tax that’s crystallised, and sometimes a tax benefit is crystallised.