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 Alan Kohler’s Overview 

Published every Saturday

This week Alan spent time at the Blue Sky Alternatives dinner and investor day where he moderated a panel about markets being fully priced, but there is a reason for optimism. One of which may or may not be Donald Trump.

Alan also explains why the bond party is over and his chance meeting with his airplane seatmate that has him pondering the history of business and the future of capitalism.


This week in Top Stocks, Charles Leyland, Managing Director of Leyland Private Asset Management with three top domestic stocks.


This week we wrap up our review of Unlisted Gems and revisit some of the gems who have had some big news to report in recent weeks.


Latest Podcasts

Talking Finance

Alan Langford, chief economist at Bankwest explains whether the decrease in bond yields is the 2013 taper tantrum disguised as a Trump tantrum.

CBA’s mining and energy analyst Vivek Dhar reviews OPEC’s latest efforts to get the price up.

Rupert Hoogewerf, or Hurun as he prefers, provides an on-the-ground perspective of China’s growing middle class and the continued interest in Australian real estate.

Plus I’ll introduce you to two exciting young companies. First, Power Ledger, an energy sector disruptor using Blockchain to make waves in the power supply market. And Afterpay – a favourite with our stock pickers – CEO, Nick Molnar, stopped by the TCI office to share his plans for the company.


The Spotlight Podcast

After Brexit, why was the world so shocked by the election outcome and where can the world go from here? Dr Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics, joins me to analyse the continued aftershocks of the US election. Dr Gruen even has a possible solution – including a new chamber of government. Plus, will President Trump get his tax cuts and cancel NAFTA?

Success Stories Podcast

Anne O’Donnell has made the successful transition from CEO to full-time nonexecutive director and sits on the board of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Equity Trustees and is chairman of Beyond Bank. She joins Catherine to discuss preparing for AGM season, how she keeps her energy levels high and tips on preparing for a role on a board.

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Question of the week

Q: Should we sit on the sidelines when it comes to investing or are alternatives the answer?

A: I do think alternatives are one of the answers, I have been saying for a while that unlisted investments are one answer to the volatility and the low returns. Markets are expensive and likely to be volatile and while you shouldn’t get out of the market entirely, the sort of alternatives that are being offered by Blue Sky, the water fund, student accommodation and venture capital should be looked at.

 Charts For Charts Sake  

Chart of the week: Brent Crude Oil Climbs


Brent crude oil futures broke out this week – just.

The price spiked to US$53.60 on Wednesday, after the successful OPEC meeting in Vienna, and more or less held there on Thursday. Whether it continues to hold depends on two things: the ability of the OPEC, and Russia, to keep to their deal, and whether American shale oil producers, whose well-head costs are less than US$50 a barrel, jump in and mop up OPEC’s drop in sales.

We should know pretty soon.

Image Source: Iress



It is the highlight of the week and there is enough information contained in the publication and links to assist people to make enormous money if they take the time to read  the wide variety. 
Warren Ebert - Managing Director, Sentinel Property Group
Dear Alan I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly enjoying my subscription to the Constant Investor...its exceeded my very lofty expectations.
Michael Pinto
your briefings are informative, intelligent, cover multiple areas, future thinking. Great for anyone new to the big bad markets
Excellent Alan, (your overview is) the only reason I subscribe. You give good economic analysis for people who want a deeper understanding.