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 Alan Kohler’s Overview 

Published every Saturday

This week Alan examines China’s impending debt crisis and what it could mean for Australia.

Plus a look at:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • OPEC and the oil price
  • SA blackout
  • Bonds
  • Donald Trump
  • Research & Diversions
  • And more!


This week Dean Fergie, Director & Portfolio Manager at Cyan Investment Management provides members with his top 3 domestic stock picks.



Latest Podcasts

Talking Finance

Talking Finance begins with a summary of what occurred on the markets last night.

We explore how a Trump Presidency could impact Australia and its economy with The Honourable Kim Beazley AC, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and Australian Ambassador to the United States of America.

Moving to another superpower, we take a 360-degree view of the Chinese economy.

I speak with:

  • Grace Wu, from Fitch Ratings in Hong Kong about China’s economic growth;
  • Gerard Burg, Senior Economist – Asia at the National Australia Bank to check what China’s debt means to both China and the rest of the world;
  • Gerard Minack, former head of developed market strategy at Morgan Stanley shares his opinion on whether China’s economy is worth worrying about;
  • Chuyang Liu, Main Author of Austrade’s report: The Health and Aged Care Industry in China regarding potential opportunities for Australian businesses in the healthcare sector; and
  • Geoff Raby, Former Australian Amabassador to the People’s Republic of China and Chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby and Associates about which companies are best placed to enter the Chinese market.

The Spotlight Podcast

Behavioural Finance is in The Spotlight this week as Simon Russell dissects the non-mathematical factors investors should consider in their decision making.

He illustrates his 12 finance strategies for us through powerful quotations and easy-to-implement examples.

Mr Russell is an author and founder of Behavioural Finance Australia and his book Applying Behavioural Finance in Australia is out now.

Success Stories Podcast

In Success Stories this week, Catherine Robson speaks with Susan Oliver – Chair and Non-Executive Director involved in the governance of listed, unlisted and mutual companies including Transurban Group, MBF, Just Group, Programmed Group, Coffey International and Simonds Homes.

Susan is a FAICD, a 2013 100 Women of Influence and a recipient of the Prime Ministers Centenary medal for services to business. She co-founded and chairs SCALE Investors – an innovative email focused angel investing group in Australia.

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Question of the week

Q. There are lots of people in the world happy to tell you what stocks to buy, hold or sell, but what is lacking in the world is asset allocation.  What is a general cash to shares ratio that might be sensible at the moment?

A. Alan said he was a bit concerned about the market at the moment.

“I think we are heading into a period of volatility. You shouldn’t see cash as the only alternative to the market, you are either in cash or equities, I get that.

“You can remain invested through unlisted investments and I am trying to come up with some unlisted investments at The Constant Investor. And over the next few months we will come to you with 30 recommended unlisted potential investors providing income, growth or income plus growth.”

“I think at the moment you should be a little less invested in the share market than you should be if times were terrific.”

 Charts For Charts Sake  

Chart of the week: G7 inflation and oil prices

The correlation between oil and inflation, which makes you wonder what central banks are doing. Unless the oil prices goes, they won’t get inflation up.


Dear Alan I hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thoroughly enjoying my subscription to the Constant Investor...its exceeded my very lofty expectations.
Michael Pinto
your briefings are informative, intelligent, cover multiple areas, future thinking. Great for anyone new to the big bad markets
Excellent Alan, (your overview is) the only reason I subscribe. You give good economic analysis for people who want a deeper understanding.
Alan's weekly Saturday briefing provides an easy to read summary of the current financial issues that influence your life. He takes complex issues and writes about them in a clear way that allows you to apply them to your own circumstances. This added to some fun commentary makes it a must read for me each week.