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Alan Kohler’s Saturday Overview is a weekly report that brings a sharp focus to the key issues that matter, with exclusive insights into upcoming financial events.

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Meet Steve Gregg: From Caltex, to Tabcorp, Goodman Fielder, Challenger and Austock, via ABN Amro and McKinsey

Caltex chairman Steve Gregg has successfully kept himself out of the limelight during his 8 year stint as a mainstream professional director but with Caltex now free of US parent Chevron, he has an important role to play at an ASX50 company with aspirations to expand offshore. Stephen Mayne sat down with him for this week's chairman interview.

Oil, bonds and everything, Liquidity, Millennials, Kissinger and AI, Proximity Keys, TCI App, and more

This morning Alan Kohler starts with a detailed look at oil, bonds, and everything in between. The crux is that any time Alan has seen high oil prices and rising interest rates, sharemarkets or the economy have never done well. It might be different this time if we've hit peak prices. Alan's explored the facets of both elements in-depth - you may or may not be surprised that Trump is one of them.

Why Great Execs Lead Like Great Parents – Marissa Freeman, Chief Brand Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Marissa Freeman is Global Head of Brand Experience at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this week's Success Stories episode, she chats with Catherine Robson about the similarities between great leaders and great parents, the art of giving feedback to creative teams and her biggest lesson in juggling family and work life.

Did Labor trump the Coalition’s Budget?

This week in Talking Finance Alan Kohler spoke to Peter Martin, Economics Editor for The Age based at Parliament House about the latest political news. There's also markets with David Cottle, Currency Strategist at IG and Analyst at DailyFX, economic news with Callam Pickering, APAC Economist at and a check of the latest tech news with Steve Sammartino, Author and Futurist.

Broker Research

  • AMP, BHP, Sydney Airport and more
    In this week's edition of Investment Ideas, Mark Christensen, Portfolio Manager of Pengana's Australian Equities Income Fund, gives us his take on Super Retail Group, and we summarise broker research on AMP, BHP, Sydney Airport and more.   

Fund Research

  • Are Australian banks a good investment in 2018?
    In this week's Funds Research, we ask our experts whether banks are a good investment in 2018. There's also the usual commentary overviews, this week on topics ranging from sustainable investing to Greece's economic recovery. Become a TCI Community Member Now Stay up to date and make better informed decisions. Get access to all this exclusive content and so much more every week! $1 for the first month $25/month membership …

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Question of the week

Q:What do you think of the budget pledge to abolish the 37c tax bracket by 2024-5 such that those earning 41-200k would pay 32,5c. The claim is a simplified personal tax however I reckon it reduces equitability in that it goes against the notion the more you earn the more you pay. If it is about reducing tax overall, they could have done it as has been done before… just raise the threshold for each bracket.

A: I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think it’s been recommended by any review or enquiry in the past. It’s almost tantamount to a flat tax. It means that three quarters of taxpayers will be effectively on a flat tax rate, and the 32.5 cent tax rate will go up to about $200,000. I’m generally in favour of progressive taxation, and it’s not a good idea, in my view, to abolish the 37 cent tax.