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Alan Kohler’s Saturday Overview is a weekly report that brings a sharp focus to the key issues that matter, with exclusive insights into upcoming financial events.

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Perseus Mining Limited

Jeff Quartermaine is the CEO of Perseus Mining. It’s got two mines, one in Cote D’Ivoire, Ivory Coast in Africa, and the other one in Ghana next door. It's also building a third mine. It doesn’t pay a dividend but it reckons it will, that’s the plan. Alan Kohler had a chat to Jeff to find out more about the business.

Barnaby Joyce, markets, what to expect from 2018 and commodities

This week in Talking Finance, Alan Kohler spoke to Miranda Devine, columnist for The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun about the situation engulfing our Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce. There's also markets with Robert Gottliebsen, the economy with Melinda Cilento, Chief Executive at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and commodities with Daniel Hynes from ANZ.

Humility and perseverance – the lessons from martial arts fuelling career success

In this week's Success Story, Siobhan Hayden, Board Advisor and Chief Operating Officer of innovative fintech startup HashChing, Australia’s first online marketplace for home loans talks with Catherine Robson about working on the front line of Australia's ballooning mortgage market, the role martial arts have played in her career and the profound impact surviving a rare type of cancer has had on her life.

The GPT Group

Bob Johnston is the CEO of The GPT Group; the property business that owns retail shopping centres, office space, warehouses and also has a property funds management business. Alan Kohler had a chat to Bob to find out how everything was going.

The mini-Facebook for parents: Tinybeans

Eddie Geller is the CEO of Tinybeans, which is akin to a mini Facebook for parents to share baby stories with their grandparents and wider family. The idea is that it’s a safe version of Facebook and Instagram and it’s a sort of a specialist niche product about the baby. Alan Kohler had a chat to Eddie to find out how it's all going.

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Question of the week

Q: Just listening to your conversation with James Gerrish , and wondering if you could explain what it means to sell volatility?

A: Selling volatility is when someone someone takes a short position in a volatility index like the VIX index.  The US’s VIX index is a measure of the movement of options on the S&P 500 index.  Over the past ten years the index has been gradually falling.  So if you short sell the index, you’ll make money.  It’s been a fantastic one way bet because volatility has been in decline for some time, until last week when the VIX spiked up to 20 or 30.