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founder of Eureka Report and the ABC’s finance presenter
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Welcome to The Constant Investor

Constancy: The quality of being unchanging or unwavering, in purpose, love, or loyalty; firmness of mind; faithfulness, enduring and unchanging.


Welcome to The Constant Investor, the innovative new home of Alan Kohler’s investment analysis and economic commentary.

Here’s what's on offer

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Every week, subscribers will have access to a thorough overview of the week in finance, both in text and podcast.

Alan Kohler’s Overview is a weekly report that brings a sharp focus to the key issues and puts them into context. Published each Saturday with the latest from the US markets close, the Overview will provide analysis of the issues that matter with exclusive insights into upcoming financial events.


The Talking Finance podcast gives you an opportunity to hear from influential CEOs and politicians, while introducing the people behind some exciting new financial ventures. Also published each Saturday, you’ll hear Alan’s summary of the week in finance along with Financial 101’s to provide a deeper understanding of some of the more challenging areas of investing and finance.

Subscribers have access to an exclusive Facebook group with Alan taking questions during regular live video streams and online after major events. With an Australian Financial Services License he’ll be providing high level general advice on the topics you want to know about.

Shareable Content

The Constant Investor is also the new home of Alan Kohler’s collection of graphs – Charts for Charts Sake – will be available for free and can be delivered straight to your inbox.

The Constant Investor will also be hosting premium content on specific financial themes such as portfolio management and self-managed super-funds.

And, as they say in the classics, there’ll be more. Subscribe today to get your first month for just $1 and just $25 per month thereafter.

Talking Finance 16 July 2016

This week’s Talking Finance podcast is a special feature on the impact of global events on the markets including:

  • UK Markets with Gerard Minack, former head of developed market strategy at Morgan Stanley
  • US Markets with John Abernethy, Chief Investment Officer at fund manager Clime, and;
  • Australian Markets with John Daley, Grattan Institute.

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your briefings are informative, intelligent, cover multiple areas, future thinking. Great for anyone new to the big bad markets
Excellent Alan, (your overview is) the only reason I subscribe. You give good economic analysis for people who want a deeper understanding.
Alan's weekly Saturday briefing provides an easy to read summary of the current financial issues that influence your life. He takes complex issues and writes about them in a clear way that allows you to apply them to your own circumstances. This added to some fun commentary makes it a must read for me each week.