Alan’s Saturday Overview

Alan Kohler’s Saturday Overview is a weekly report that brings a sharp focus to the key issues that matter, with exclusive insights into upcoming financial events.

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Broker Research

Fund Research

  • Is governance a factor in your investment decisions?
    In light of recent events, we ask our fund managers whether governance is factored into their investment decisions. We also provide overviews of the best fundie writing of the week, including Europe, the the Euro, LICs, reporting season and more.

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Question of the week

Q: Is the NBN going to become a major issue for the Turnbull Govt, as many are pretty unsatisfied with it so far? How are they going to fix it?

A: It could be a big issue.  The NBN has two conflicting mandates: it has to provide broadband for everybody in the country, and it has to make a profit.  Those two things are mutually exclusive.  They either have to charge too much, which is what they’re doing, or calve out regional areas for subsidy from the government.

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